Federal Motor Trucks Registry Newsletters

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#6 September 28, 2001

#5 August 12, 2001

#4 May 28, 2001

#3 May 13, 2001

#2 April 29, 2001

#1 April 21, 2001

Newsletter #1, April 21, 2001

Hey guys,

I'm starting to get organized - slowly but surely. I'll try to send this out once a week.

Send me your updates of what parts and Federals you have for sale and what you're looking for.

this is what I have for this week:

Mike Lacy 605-428-3145 (SD) has a 1948 1.5 ton good sheet metal, gauges nice, swing out windshield, no rust, all glass, motor turns

Dan Ehlerding 937-486-5121 has a Federal radiator - early 20's or teens, $200, 28.5 inches tall, 25 inches wide, doesn't leak

Richard Dean sent photos of 1916 Federal 3.5 ton model W

Lewis Wilson is looking for info on Styleliner school buses 410-795-3998

I am also setting up a web site www.federalmotortrucks.com - nothing on there yet but that will follow.

until next week,

Brian Nelson

Newsletter #2, April 29, 2001

Hey guys,

My brother got two photos up on www.federalmotortrucks.com

so far this is a test run - this week I should send out requests to everyone for info/pictures for the registry...

Kirk Lloyd reports a dramatic improvement in the performance of his Continental 427 flat 6 - he switched to Autolite 388 plugs - hotter than the 386 plugs that were giving him lousy performance

Bob Johnson has 2 speedometers for 38 - 50 series of small Feds ( from his pictures I think they are the same for all Feds - BKN) Bob is also looking for kingpins and tie rod ends.

Art Worledge has a new email address: worledge@merlincorp.com

Randy Molho wants to remind everyone about the Sass book on Federals - he has info...
also has an original manual for early model C type Continental engines used in the teens

I'm looking for info and parts for Timken tandem rear axles - I'm missing the connecting driveshaft between the two rears - also the guts on the rear rear axle are missing - these are the through shaft design - I think before the worm drive...on my 1943 diesel.

I'm also looking for another set of split windshields - I'd like to get a set of chrome frames.

more next week,

Brian Nelson

Newsletter #3, May 13, 2001

Hey guys, here it is! I look forward to hearing from you.


Welcome. I am assembling a registry of Federal Motor Trucks and their owners. I have set up a website www.federalmotortrucks.com This will serve as a clearinghouse for information on Federals – a list of trucks and their owners, a photo gallery, a list of trucks and parts wanted and for sale, and a list of current parts numbers that fit Federal trucks. I have also begun a weekly/monthly newsletter of current Federal info – trucks for sale, recent additions to the registry, good parts numbers, requests for help, etc. This newsletter is sent to everyone interested with an email address. Back issues will be posted on the website.

My goal is to collect information on the existing Federal trucks and publish a list in a few months’ time. This will be text only and will go to everyone submitting a listing for the registry. The website will also have each truck listed as well as photos of the trucks. At the end of the year, I’ll publish addenda and mail it to everyone to update their registry. I would also like to publish a color edition of the registry with photos that will be available for sale at the end of the year – depending on the level of interest expressed.

Please return this form or a copy by mail or email. If you would like a photo of your truck included in the photo gallery and the year-end color registry please send a good 4 x 6 print. I will only have storage space on the website for one photo of each truck. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN ANY PHOTOS. I looked through my photos and I have pictures from the following folks:

George Beauregard
Tom Ratliffe
George’s Garage
Rob Bell
Denny Rawlings
Jack Hess ( Brian Olson)
Iowa 80 truckstop
Bob Johnson
Terry Griffiths
Dave Whited
Kirk Lloyd
Frank Rogallo
Art Worledge
Rick and Jim Markiel
Jeff Tenerovich
Carroll Stevens
Ronald Carey
Raymond Hoffman
Bill Schoenike

  1.. Owner info – name, address, email, how to contact you.

2.. Federal truck info – model, serial number, data plate info, any pertinent specs.

3.. History of the truck, current and previous use and owners….

4.. Current parts numbers that apply to Federal trucks

5.. Any trucks or parts wanted or for sale as well as leads on other Federals and their owners.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: skiff@gis.net

or at the following address:

  Brian Nelson
PO Box 4778
35 Skiff Avenue
Vineyard Haven, MA 02568.

I own a 1951 model 45GA2 ex-USAF dump truck with the 427 flathead Continental with air brakes and 5 x 2 speed air shift rear. I just bought a 1943 model 604 ex-US Army 10 wheeler with a 1960 Cummins NH220 and 5 x 3.

I’m looking for chrome swing out windshields for both trucks as well as any info on the model 604.

Thanks for your time,
Brian Nelson

Newsletter #4, May 28, 2001

Ok guys, this is what I have so far: 100 Federal trucks and owners! 99 of the 100 have been either emailed or mailed information about the registry - now I await details on the trucks and photos for the gallery. I will put this information below as well as address and phone number and email on the website. So far the only guy I haven't been able to reach is Russ Metz - the address I have is 10037 Struthers Road, New Middletown, OH 44442-9744. This address matches that found in the white pages - yet letter was returned to me as undeliverable....

please let me know about any other Federals out there. so far Mike Pagel told me about Phil Kennon in Iowa and Tom Ratliffe knows of several guys with the WWII C2 wreckers - as well as a group in Europe with a bunch of Federals. since my Dutch and German is non-existant I'll leave that for later....Arnold Block has been send info to folks bidding on Federal truck stuff on the Ebay.com auction site - so far that has netted 3 more trucks and owners.

Federal Truck Owner
1900 Federal "Newhouse, Al"
1910 - 1955 Federal interest "Kennedy, Ian"
1910 - 1955 Federal parts and lit "Pagel, Mike"
1910-1950 Federal 1950-59 Styleliner School Bus interest "Wilson, Lewis"
1910-1955 Fed Lit wanted "Mohr, Bud"
1910-1955 Federal interest 1945 Reo series 29 C2 crash wrecker "Ratliffe,
Tom "
1910-1955 Federal parts wanted "Sisson, Joshua J."
1915 model G or H "Molho, Randy"
1916 Federal 3.5 ton L12 flatbed "Danielson, Eric"
1916 Federal 3.5 ton model W "Dean, Richard"
1917 Federal 2 Ton Flatbed "Loehde, George W."
1917 model S 2 axle "Dean, Bob G."
1918 Federal 5 Ton Gravel Truck "Le Clair, Garry"
1918 model WS 3 ton Reynolds Alberta Museum Provincial Historic Site
192? Federal T 10W "Hoffmann, Raymond"
1920 Federal 1 ton "Walsh, Ralph S."
1924-25 model W2-190 "Lepera, Vincent"
1924-26 model T4-180 5 ton "Sipperly, Mike"
1927 Federal 1 ton "Vaughn, Henry C."
1927 Federal 5 ton Waukesha "Mead, Wendell"
1927 Federal flatbed "Beardsley, Jim"
1927 Federal model 12W "Hoffmann, Raymond"
1928 Federal 1.5 ton "Maxey, Clyde A."
1929 Federal 1.5 ton farm truck "Canavan, James M."
1928 Federal stake "Damigella, Joseph III"
1932 model E2D "Carey, Ronald D."
1933 Federal dump "Canova, Larry"
1935 model 15 stake "Filkins, Ronald C."
1936 model 11E pickup "McMaster, Louis"
1936 model 15D "Richardson, H.W."
1937 Federal 2 Ton Stake "Sampson, Thomas"
1937 model 11E pickup "Weaver, Paul"
1938 Federal pickup "Dean, Bob G."
1938 model 15M "Romain, William C. Jr."
194? Federal 10 ton crane "May, Jason"
1940 model 29M2 "Lyons, Charles R."
1941 Federal pickup "Norin, Robert N."
1941 model 25K tractor "Canova, Larry"
1943 Federal 2.5 Ton Dump "Bell, Robert"
1943 model 604 Diesel "Nelson, Brian"
1943 model 604 Diesel Tractor "Cowie, Des"
1944 2G dump "Brown, Robert L."
1944 Federal 2.5 ton "Robinson, Tony"
1944 Federal 5 Ton "Halbert, Robert"
1944 model 29M2 "Van Auken, Karl"
1944 model 604 tractor "Flexter, Charles R."
1944 model 606 crash wrecker "Beauregard, George"
1944 model 606 crash wrecker "Looman, Del"
1945 Federal 5 ton log truck "O'Connor, W. L."
1945 Federal pickup "Wissink, John"
1945 model 29MA "Stevens, Carroll"
1946 5 ton "Robinson, Tony"
1946 Federal "Brown, Gary"
1946 model 18M 10 wheel grain truck "Minor, Eugene"
1947 Federal 3 ton "Le Clair, Garry"
1947 Federal 1.5 Ton "Hill,Bud and Mary "
1947 model 14 flatbed "Patteson, Wayne L."
1947 model 16M "Reinholdt,Den "
1947 model 16M flatbed "Minor, Eugene"
1947 model 29M flatbed "Mantle, Frank"
1947 model 29MA "Budreck, Frank"
1947 model 45 motorhome "Rawlings, Denny"
1947 model 55MA tractor "McPeek,Doug "
1947 model 60 "Hess, Jack"
1948 Federal "Collins, Russell"
1948 Federal "Perkins,Lynn and Gina "
1948 Federal "Strong, Doug"
1948 Federal 1.5 ton "Jay, Art"
1948 Federal 2 Ton Steve
1948 Federal stake "Lloyd, Dean"
1948 model 15M "Sisson, John"
1948 model 16M "Johnson, Bob "
1948 model 45GCI 5 ton dump "Inge, Bill"
1948 model 65 gas 602 Jack Hess sold to ???? Sent Jack form 5 22 01
1948 model 65MA2 with Cummins HB600 "Griffiths, Terry"
1949 model 45M2 tractor "Lyons, Charles R."
1950 Federal 4.5 ton "Davis, Randall"
1950 model 65 "Whittington, Dick"
1951 Federal "Spoelstra, Ted"
1951 model 35 Frank Rogalla
1951 model 45 "Metz, Russ"
1951 model 45GA1 "Valden, Bob"
1951 model 45GA2 "Lyons, Charles R."
1951 model 45GA2 "Nelson, Brian"
1951 model 45GB4 Flatbed "Lloyd, Kirk "
1951 model 55M dump "Messersmith, Robert"
1951 model 645 Diesel "Tenerovich, Jeff "
1951 Styleliner Ashton wrecker "Heinbach, Roger"
1951 Styleliner model 1802 "Worledge, Art "
1952 Federal 5 ton "Ridinger, Robert L."
1952 model 45 (Sold) "Whited, Dave "
1952 model 45 dump "Schoenike, Bill"
1952 model 45 firetruck "Markiel, Rick and Jim "
1952 model 45GD "Lowe, Joe"
1952 model 60 long wb "Markiel, Rick and Jim"
1953 model 45 Firetruck "McLain, Doyle "
1953 model 45 Firetruck "Sheppard, Jack"
1953 Styleliner model 3300 "Block, Arnold "
1954 Styleliner model 2902 "Richardson, H.W."
1954 Styleliner model 2902 dump "Richardson, H. W."



I am looking for some parts for this 1916 3 1/2 ton model: Front fenders, hood, cab and a set of wood spoked wheels with decent solid rubber on them.

Eric Danielson (his email is emakfarm@att.net )

and I am looking for a Stewart Warner truck speedometer for my 1943 diesel - 0 to 80, chrome bezel, just like the attached picture. Also two sets of chrome swing out windshields for model 45 through 65....

thanks for all your help and interest.


Newsletter #5, August 12, 2001

Hey guys,

I should be able to update the website soon - my next goal is to update the
pictures. Arnold Block has suggested getting split windshields made up - I
guess a friend of his had some made and they turned out well. Send me or him
some email to let me know what the interest is.

I need current addresses  for both Robert Ridinger and Russell Metz. I sent
registry info to the addresses in the ATHS list and both letters were

I wrote Herman Sass and later spoke with him on the phone. He is interested
in reprinting his Federal book but needs a minimum of about 1000 copies to
make it worth his time. He felt that there were about 500 or so Federals
outside of the US.... I told him that the problem was trying to find all
those owners and then communicate with them....


The Reno National ATHS Meet was a tremendous success with over 600 antique
trucks from many states and even Canada.  Saw one truck with Alaska plates.
There were three Federal trucks in attendance.

1.  1950 Federal 60 MA
      owned by Randall Davis
      Pagosa Springs, Colorado

2.  1952 Federal 45G
     owned by Bill Schoemke
     Shawaneo, WI

3.  1952 Federal 1802
     owned by Art Worledge
     Yuba City, Ca

All three trucks were well restored and got much attention.

On a personal note, my Federal drove right over the 7,000 foot Donner pass
without a hitch and it had a Model T pickup piggyback.

I sent my folks to the Walcott, IA truck jamboree and they put up a notice
about the Federal registry on the 1951 Federal diesel tractor on display.
Got email from 2 guys - one was Steve Williams - his grandfather had a
Federal dealership in WV and the family still has the slide show introducing
the "all new Styleliner". I'm trying to get more info on that.


Got an early phone call from Robert Pirtle - he got a call about 6 Federal
windshields discovered by Paul Miller in the original Federal crate in the
back of a military surplus store! I was getting really excited - but it
turned out they were even more rare than chrome swing out windshields -
these windshields fit the model 606 C2 crash wrecker from WWII. They had the
olive drab frames and are 32 inches wide! For the extra wide 6 man wooden
cab they used on those beasts. If you are interested or know of anyone who
is - Paul Miller's phone number is 828 264 2521. his address is 426 Old East
Ridge Road, Boone, NC 28607.

Kirk Lloyd is selling his Federal - a 1951 model 45GB4 with a long wheelbase
lift flatbed. dump works well, dual gas tanks, has the Continental B427 flat
6, all new bearings, brakes, good recaps, runs real good. He's looking for
$3500. his email address is KLloyd8032@aol.com; he's located in Oregon 503
581 5840

1950 Federal model 16M cab, and chassis. Straight, complete, not running.
Hercules JXE-3 six cylinder motor loose, and in good condition. This truck
needs to be restored. $1500 or best offer. Hauling a possibility within a
couple hundred miles. Located in Southwestern Vermont. Call (802) 362-2666,
or e-mail ericsev@together.net . Pictures available by e-mail.

Jim Miller has hood and grille for sale could be from model 45 from early
50's Fed 775 747 1063

1948 model 16M is available - call John Howard in Nickelsonville, KY his
phone is 859 885 6515

1950 model 60 (fits model 35 thru 60) front fenders and one hood side w/
emblem - Randall Davis at otrdavis@frontier.net or 970 264 2833

Federal radiator (teens and twenties) for sale by Dan Ehlerding,tel


Styleliner parts wanted.  HOOD, DOORS, HEATER BOX IN CAB, GLASS, ETC.
contact Arnold Block

I am always looking for nice chrome swing out windshields for my two
Federals - contact Brian Nelson at skiff@gis.net

Newsletter #6, September 28, 2001


I've updated the website - added about 45 photos of Federals. Hank Suderman at 
www.Hankstruckpictures.com has added a link to the  our website. I've also added a 
for sale/wanted section after realizing how much stuff everyone is offering or looking for.
The following are some of the Federal trucks and parts for sale or wanted:
Danny and Marie West are selling a 1947 model 18Q2, SN 134233 for $1200. 
email is mwest1947@yahoo.com

Bob Johnson has an almost complete  (but apart) Herc JXE (3) engine that anyone can have 
if they pick it up.  It will go with a rad and grille shell that need work.   
613-489-4295 or skippy@magma.ca.  

Jack Hess (Box 271, Byron, IL, 61010  815 234 8101 ) is selling his pair of Federals 
- a 1947 model 60 with an IH RD 450 and a 1948 model 65 with a Cummins HB600. He's looking 
for $5900 for the pair.

Ed Thornton (trabran@hotmail.com) is looking for windshield, taillights, wiper and motor
 for a 1935 1.5 ton Federal. Also any info or other parts. 

Fred Martin has found an old unrestored Federal Truck.  Not too bad a shape and looks 
like should run.  Hand crank to start and only gauge is a speedometer that only goes to 30. 
 Looks solid and has a solid wood bed on it with sides.
Fred Martin
3004 Red Marble Road
Chewelah, WA 99109

John Binder ( Tailfinsforever@aol.com) knows of two Federal trucks near my home on the 
other end of the Bay State, in Pittsfield, the county seat of Berkshire County. Both are in 
New York , the first is a Green late 40's 6 wheeler flatbed probably in the 2 1/2 to 3  
ton range. It has long been outside stored but still pretty solid. This one is located on 
Route 20 In West Lebanon, NY  at a Hydraulics /Truck cranes /Log Loader Dealer-Installer 
named Gideon Equipment located on the south side of RT 20 just east of the Fabulous Lebanon 
Valley Speedway. Though I have never inquired, I imagine any of the old trucks in the 
yard could be had for the right cash offer. The second Federal was a1947 small 1 1/4 to 
1 1/2 ton dump truck being sold a couple years back (and Probably stiil there!) by a 
Mr. Arron Burdick of North Hoosick, NY I believe at the time he was asking $750 for 
the federal which was starting to need a full resto. it had a Flathead 6 (Continental?) 
engine and had not run in some time.  If any one is interested in Seriously persuing this 
(i.e. CASH in Hand Trailer in Tow. They can email me for his phone and address

John Binder
Piitsfield Mass

Peter Morrow from Melbourne, Australia ( nolaandpeter@bigpond.com) wrote: 
I hope you can help with the following query. A friend is restoring a Federal "Styleliner",
 fitted with the original Cummins 160HP diesel. I believe the truck arrived here new in 1959 
and was purchased in early 1960 by Marsden's Interstate Transport. The truck is still owned 
by Brian Marsden, son of the company founder. It has the Ford type cab with the short doors. 
The guards are fixed, not the swing out type, although remnants of the hinges are visible. 
My question is this: "Did this model originally have swing up fenders, and they have been 
welded down after developing rattles, or were they welded during manufacture?"
Hope to hear from you soon. 
Kind regards
Peter Morrow
Melbourne Australia


until next time,

Brian Nelson

Newsletter #7, September 3, 2002

The addition on my house is 70% done so updates should be more frequent - 
I appreciate your patience.

Tom Peirce has been sending me lots of great Federal spec sheets and photos - many 
many thanks for your help in preserving these rare treasures - Brian

Fred Crismon has solved the great Federal mystery once and for all! For as long as 
I have known about Federals I have heard different theories and rumors about what 
happened during the final years of Federal. Turns out that the tooling did end up 
in Turkey as some had suggested and the Golden Eagle lived on at least through 1960. 
See the photo gallery and literature section for a 1960 spec sheet and a 1961 
photos of two Turkish Federal buses. Thank you Fred!


The www.adiesel.com  website lists Federal trucks and applicable Baldwin 
filters - their address is 
Associated Diesel, Inc.
66 Freeport St. Boston, Massachusetts 02122
Phone: (617) 436-2847  | Fax: (617) 282-8617
email: sales@adiesel.com


Jack Coleman 319 523 8212 is looking for the following parts: windshield 
frames, dash gauges, speedometer inside and outside door handles


Bill Schoenike recently sold his Federal model 45 dumptruck to Bud Stewart. 
He also reports that a friend is selling a 1933 Federal 1.5 ton truck with 
a 6 cylinder Waukesha engine ( recently running), sound sheet metal, flatbed 
dump truck body, horse collar grille, asking $3500. If interested contact 
Bill at 715-526-5855


Tom Van Steyn at Full Circle RestorationI has acquired a 1935 15X Federal. 
He reports that it looks good for its age. Everything is there and restorable 
except that the bottom of the grille shell is rusted away. He wonders if 
anyone might have a spare grille shell.  His email is Fullcircleresto@aol.com


Jack Sheppard (jpshepp@humboldt1.com) reports that their  53' Federal Model 45 
firetruck is need of an ignition cap,rotor, points, and condensor.  The engine 
is a 501 Contenental and the Delco Remy distributor number is 1111594. 


Tim Serbst mailto:TPNJSS@aol.com reports that he is in the process of selling 
off his federal parts  

Nichols Manufacturing (Tammy Zientara tammyz@nichols-mfg.com) has available 
glass for Federal trucks - The windshield glass is $46.00 for each piece, and 
the door glass is $63.80 for each piece.  Unfortunately they do not supply 
any of the chrome. Clear or tinted glass...Same price.
To place an order, call us at 800-248-3378.  They are now accepting Visa, 
MasterCard, and American Express.


Jules H [peanutgraphics@hotmail.com] writes, "I live in Perth, Western 
Australia and own a fully restored 1926 Republic truck, Model 75R. In my 
search for spare parts, I have come across a Federal of about mid 
twenties vintage and reasonably complete, sitting in an outdoor display 
of farm machinery in the small goldfields mining town of Menzies, 
Western Australia.  If anyone would like more information I can contact 
the shire of Menzies and maybe retrieve serial / model numbers. The 
state of Western Australia is a veritable treasure trove of antique 
trucks due to it's dry weather and rural nature.  Also, if there is 
anyone there who has information or photographs of Republic trucks, 
especially Model 75's, I can be contacted at this email address.  
Yours Faithfully,   Julian Hembrough.


James Canavan writes: I would like to list my Fedseral Truck in the 
For Sale section and see what it brings..   1929  1.5 T cab and 
chassis with rebuilt Contintental 6 cyl   new tires    
$ 4800.00.......invested over $ 7000.00 need the space !
518-793-3741 canavan@netheaven.com


Steve Holcomb listed his 1947 FEDERAL 16M 16Q HERCULES ENG. 

Tom Peirce - new address is 705 Falcon Drive, Tavares, FL 32778-4530.  
Phone is still (352)


"Save Us From Being Cut Up! For Sale Cheap!" 1948 LeTourneau pan, 194? 
early Hough payloader, Ross straddle carrier, 1960? truck mount Gradall 
with M/M power, truck crane?- Lorain?, 1947 Buffalo fire truck 1000 gpm, 
1960? International RDF 212 H diesel, 1940? Sterling HD 110 flat bed, 
winch, 1949 Sterling HD 145 tractor, 1944 Federal 606 6x6, 
1950 Autocar U-90 COE rough, 1936 Walter parts truck plus various 
capstan winches, air compressors, low boys, etc. Ross Equipment 
8555 Packard rd., Niagra Falls, NY 716-297-3240 


Karl Van Auken is selling his 1944 model 29M2 dump for $600. 
Contact him for more info at PO Box 145, Oneco, CT 06373 
(860) 564-1113  kvauken@snet.net ( as of 8 2002)


Hank Ashton wrote this about his friend Jim Cardinale and his 
1947-48 model 16M: Chassis # 18900, Model 16M, Engineering # 160,
Chassis weight 4610 and Max gross weight 24,000#. I'm guessin about 
a 1947-48.  The truck is currently a cab and chassis, did run about ten
years ago, has a swing out windshield, dual wheels, and a flathead six 
cylinder engine.  He was going to make it into a wrecker to promote his 
business but has since retired.  He is unsure what his plans are for 
this truck.  I want him to restore it but it is slowly getting rougher
and rougher each year. I told him I would contact the registry for him.
His name is Jim Cardinale and mine is Hank Ashton, 18 Ferriss Dr.,
Queensbury, N.Y. 12804, e-mail hshazmat@localnet.com.


Joyce Boyden reports that her dad has 1920 Federal 8 2002


George Rutherford wrote:
My dad (Bill Rutherford) mentioned to you that we have several pictures 
of Federal trucks.  The web address is 
http://www.mothermapper.com/rfl/default.htm.  You may find the story of 
Rutherford Freight Line interesting.  Feel free to use any or all of 
the pictures as long as they are free to the public.  It would be nice 
(but not required) if you mentioned a link to our site.  If you will 
send me your desired link and any associated description, I will include 
it on our site.

George Rutherford
aka MotherMAPPER


Eric Nason saw the ad for Kirk Lloyd's 1951 model 45 here on this 
website and bought it last month. His address is 25923 186th Place S.E. 
Covington, WA 98042 (253) 630-8451


Fred Wood writes: I have just purchased a 47 Federal pickup, don't know 
the model but it has a pickup box, missing the tailgate. I doubt if I 
will ever find one but would like to see one so I could reproduce it.  
If there is a club I would like to join. Fred Wood, 3894 Melody, 
Kingman, AZ 86401, (928)757-5900, dynamics@ctaz.com

Ian Hughes writes: I bought a 1944 Federal c2 plane wrecker, 
(ex duxford museum) they decided they no longer had room for it. 
I bought it in June 2002. We have fittrd new tyres and made it run, 
regards Ian Hughes. phone no 01243 575144hughesmilitaryserv@ntlworld.com

Tom Peirce sent in some photos of a 1924 Federal Knight, owned by 
Richard Zettle, 102 Mill Street, Millheim, PA 16854 ( 8 1990)


Ralph Walsh sent in a photo of his 1912(?) tank truck that he restored. 
3300 Carrollton Road, Hampstead, MD 21074  ( 6 2002)


Bill Richardson, PO Box 1104, Invercargill, NZ  ph 03 2170990(w), 
02 2176750(h), has 3 beautiful Federals, 1936 model 15D, SN 87943, 
1954 Styleliner model 2902 tractor SN 160902, and 1954 Styleliner 
model 2902 dumptruck SN 158877


And last but not least, I am always looking for chrome swing out 
windshields for my two Federals - contact Brian Nelson at 

Newsletter #8, February 23, 2003


FEDERAL MOTOR TRUCKS REGISTRY - Newsletter # 8  update February 23, 2003 

Welcome to new members: Ray Stupienski - he just bought the 1947 model 60 
from Jack Hess is and is looking for a 501 Continental to repower it as 
originally set up at the factory

Roger Beck [mailto:truckingturtle@qwest.net] has a 1951 Federal house 
truck. It has a delivery date of 10-11-51 and is a model 45GB4 standard 
navy stock no. C-78-T-70200-2900, manufacturers serial no. 154954, 
contract no. 12273FS, U.S. navy registration no. 307219,
payload max. 10000, gross weight max. 26000, and at the bottom of 
the plaque is stamped PMS. It has a CMC 427 flathead with a 5 speed 
clark  and a two speed air shift Timken rear end. He bought the truck 
in Eugene, Oregon from a big truck wrecking yard on 12-1972 for $600. 
it was painted orange by the Oregon Highway Dept. and the large water 
tank had already been removed.  

Scotty Greene has a 1914 model D twith 144 inch wheelbase that he 
thinks was purchased by the Lynn MA fire Dept new. He is also has 
missing parts and needs to find someone with a similar truck to 
discuss things with.

Prescott "Scotty" Greene, dgreene@csonline.net  174 Goodwill Rd., 
Franklin, PA, 16323-3718

Tom Peirce is now in Florida - his new email address is 

Anyone interested in a pair of used chrome swing out windshields 
that fit the pre-1938 cab (they have the long piano hinge across 
the top with 7 screw holes), also have a used right windshield please 
contact Brian Nelson at skiff@gis.net

Johnny Riley has a 1948 16M2 with VIN 1675529. His address is  
Rt. 3 Box 89, Chickasha,OK  73018, Ph. 405-224-7873,  
email  RockinR82@aol.com
Greg Anderson reports that he is the caretaker for a 1917 Federal 
Truck which he believes was army surplus, purchased by the Town of 
Narragansett RI. Today the truck still tows a 1908 Amskeage steam 
fire engine. His email address is greganderson2@yahoo.com

Bob Johnson reports that Bodie Cummings, 785-862-1162, 
3509 S.W. 69th St. Wakarusa, KS 66546 is now producing Windshield, 
Rear Window and Cowl molding and Running Board matting for 
1938-1950 Feds up to 29M.  Apparently he has been making Diamond T 
rubber and comes recommended. He is also looking for good quality stuff 
(Hood Corners and Floor Mats to make masters of.  

Bob Palmer has what looks to be a model 45  620-232-1929   
email  RVAN7@msn.com

Kirk Lloyd reports a link to the Oshkosh groups main page.  
He continues his love for Federals but is always looking for 
Oshkosh parts

Tom Peirce recalls a gentleman in MA with info of Federals:  
Walter E. Johns, 40 S. Warthmore
Road, Wellesley, MA  02181

Max and his father own a 43' Federal 94X43. It's four wheel drive 
and from the looks of it the axles look like 2 1/2 Rockwell's. 
He was wondering if anyone might know what axles it has under it. 
It also has a 426 ci. flat head six.
email:  diablo169@aol.com 

Rick Nichols has a 1948 Federal Truck. Cab # 221 19725, Model 16M2, 
Chassis # 145916, Service # 16Q2
He is looking for information, parts,etc. 
His email: rick@MaxRieke.com   phone number is 913-631-7111
fax number is 913-631-0484

Chris Shattuck reports a mid 30's Federal dually (15D?) in a 
junk yard in South West New Hampshire. It's all there, complete 
with grill, folding hood, head lights, engine and cab 
(which needs a lot of help). The frame appeared complete, with 
the dual rear axle set-up is sitting up on the flat bed. The cap 
needs rebuilding, and both doors are missing, as well as the gear 
box, but other than that it appears complete. The wheels and hub 
caps are in place, and the whole front clip including bumper is in 
good condition(but rusty). The owner wants $200 for it, and it 
needs a home. email: ChrisBuick@aol.com

Hank Ashton reports a 1948 Federal 1 or 1 1/2 ton. His friend 
wants to sell the truck as he has lost interest in it.  It is 
somewhat rough around the edges. It doesn't run. It did when 
he brought it home in the 80's.The owner's name is Jim Cardinale 
at 518-793-0143.  The truck is located in upstate New York in 
So. Glens Falls.  Hank Ashton's email: hshazmat@localnet.com

Howie Smith  might have some Maxim factory photos of a Maxim 
pumper built on a genuine Federal chassis with Civil Defense 
markings for a FD in NY (Plattsburg he thinks) if anyone's 
interested in that.  HmaximS@aol.com 

Fred Wood just purchased a 1948 Federal pickup, Model 15-m, 
Engine symbol 1501, Chassis # 147908, Last # on plate is 0114. 
His address: 3894 Melody, Kingman, AZ 86401, 928 757-5900 
email: dynamics@ctaz.com

Arnold Block has found a 1951 Styleliner in the woods in PA 
and is now parting out his 1953 Styleliner  including the 
2 speed Timken rear, 5 speed Clark trans.

Roger Heinbach bought a 51 Federal 45gb3 tractor and a 
47 model 18M2 19094 Lower Pleasant Ridge Rd, Caldwell,
 Idaho 83607. rdhtow@hotmail.com

Gene Meek has found a squared off looking Federal truck. 
Is a complete cab and chassis and not too bad of shape. 
Sellers want 3500 for it. He may be able to get it for less. 
406-434-2983 Montana meek@gec-isp.net

Kendall Wood has a 1946 Federal   # 221 5441  MODEL # 160   
CHASSIS # 130175
6063 HWY 301 , TRETON, GEORGIA 30752   email STORMD@msn.com

Frank Moll is trying to locate some information about a 1937 
Federal Open Cab Firetruck. It was recently purchased by a 
friend. The model is FT-45, and he has reason to believe at 
one time it was owned by the Department of Corrections in 
Washington D.C.
St. Louis MO email:  fmoll01@earthlink.net

Larry Canova [mailto:thermfed@galaxyinternet.net] has some 
interesting information regarding Federal rubber.  During 
his restoration of my 1941 Model 25K tractor I had Bodie 
Cummings, a noted rubber reproducer for Diamond T trucks, 
reproduce the following rubber for Federal trucks:    
1)  Cab to Cowl rubber gasket
2)  rear window rubber gasket
3)  Front windshield rubber gasket (for the two piece 
fold out windshield)    
If anyone has questions contact Larry Canova, 144 Hansen Road, 
 Norwich, CT  06360     
860-822-9825 or the manufacturer, Bodie Cummings,   
3509 SW 69, Wakarusa, KS  66546    
(785) 862-1162.
Brett Simpson needs help with some details on a Federal Crane 
Truck or rigging truck that his boss has and they are in the 
process of restoring. The truck VIN PLATE  has  Model Number A5,
   SERIAL NUMBER IS 66663?  They believe it is around the 
1928 to 1930 period....   The only things that are missing 
from the whole rig is the gearbox and the steering wheel 
which was eaten by white ants.    Queensland ,  Australia

Bob Johnson [mailto:skippy@magma.ca] has heard of a 1959 
Federal 300RD2 s/n 180541. He got a letter from Dave 
Charrington, 3 Oakmont Place, Cranbourne, Australia, 3977, 
who is a diesel mechanic and work for a company that has 
this Fed. since new.  It came with a JN-130 Cummins Diesel, 
but now has a C-160 Cummins.  

jeandeb [mailto:jeandeb@sympatico.ca] has a 1956 Federal 
snow plow in Quebec in working condition for sale.

Tom Van Steyn [mailto:Fullcircleresto@aol.com] is looking
 for a 1935-50 Federal pickup to restore. 
 number is 209 367 4318.
Rietveld Jacob [mailto:rietveldjaap@pi.be]  is looking for 
a Federal 604. He recently bought the 606 from Ian Hughes 
in England.  Contact him at Jaap Rietveld, Strichtstraat 2, 
9660 Michelbeke
Belgium, tel+fax 011 32 55 420245
Tom Hutchins [mailto:Tomhut@aol.com] reports that his 1949 
is in fact a 15M not a 29 as 

Chuck Chatfield has what looks to be a 1947 model 29   
his address is P.O Box 201, Crowell, Texas 79227 
e-mail cchatfield@hotmail.com 
Kenneth Canfield has restored a 1942 Federal with his son - 
doing almost all of the work in his garage. His address is 
5142 Noble Street, Belmont, NY 14813 email scanfield2000@yahoo.com

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE - you can contact Brian Nelson at