The Federal Motor Trucks Registry

Between 1910 and 1959, over 160,000 Federals were assembled. As of February 29, 2004, 183 of the surviving Federal trucks have been located, ranging from the smallest pickups up to the largest WWII tank haulers and crash wreckers. All but a few of these trucks are in the U.S., thus a large part of the Federal output made for export remains unknown.

The goal of this registry is to connect Federal truck owners and fans and promote the preservation of this great truck marque. I plan to update this website quarterly, starting April 1st, 2004.

Due to time constraints, I will no longer assemble and email newsletters. My hope is that interested Federal enthusiasts will step forward and start such a service.

Brian Nelson at 35 Skiff Ave, PO Box 4778, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568 or by email at - all email will be responded to within a year!

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